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Family Owned and Operated Hobby Farm

Starting out as a family hobby farm with a few chickens and maple syrup taps, we grew the Faust Family Farm to include more maple tree taps, eight chickens that produce fresh eggs daily, a beehive for fresh honey and beeswax, and four Nigerian dwarf goats and their babies that supply milk for Callie's Creations. 



Callie's Creations evolved after Callie underwent spinal fusion for scoliosis on September 21, 2020. She was a highly active kid that played basketball, volleyball, and softball and loved to dance in our living room, but once she had her spinal fusion for scoliosis, she was told she could not participate in sporting events for one year. That along with COVID led Callie to think of ways to fill in her free time. She begged us for two dwarf goats and she started making goat milk products. 

Callie's signature product is cold processed goat milk soap. While she is doing amazing recovering from her surgery, this hobby business has filled in her spare time.  Instead of two goats, she got four friends that we added to our family named Daisy, Copper, Ivy, and Peaches.  They are energetic, loving, and sweet, and love kisses and grain!  Shortly after they arrived at our farm, we found out they were pregnant and we welcomed their babies to our farm this spring!


As of 2022, Callie is back stronger than ever playing basketball, softball, and running cross country. She looks forward to welcoming a second round of baby goats and explanding the goat milk products to other products soon!

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