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Privacy & Safety

The safety and enjoyment of all of our goat yoga participants is one of our top priorities, so we require all participants to follow the directions of the instructors prior to, during, and after the sessions. A liability waiver must be filled out for each participant prior to each yoga session. 

None of the information made by customers during checkout online or in a popup store will be shared with any third-party companies. All participants in goat yoga may be subject to getting their picture taken, which could be used for marketing either by the Grafton Rec Department or Faust Farm Fresh. Please let an instructor know prior to the start of the goat yoga session if you don't wish to have your picture taken or used for marketing. 

We ask that each of our goat yoga participants fill out and sign a waiver of liability before arriving or on site before starting the goat yoga session. 

Payment Methods

- Cash in store
-Credit / Debit in stores

- Venmo in stores

- Credit / Debit online

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